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Ignition switch removal

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  • Ignition switch removal

    How does one remove an ignition switch without having a key?

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    Sorry xombi but I can't seem to recall your car.
    LAst one I did was on an S70, the part that generally goes bad is on the left side, just remove all the plastic covers , the harness and a few screws. Pull it out and replace it
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      Hi Xombi, after some googling I found a thread on turbobricks that has some good advice. Looks like there is a retaining pin that is pushed in when the key is turned to the run position. According to the thread, it looks like you'll have to do some drilling to get the tumbler removed.

      Let me know if you have follow up questions, I bet some other folks in here will have some good advice!
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        Thank you very much for the link to Turbobricks for my Amazon.

        Hi ho hi ho a drilling we will go.