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Turn Signal Switch - troubleshooting adventure - 1963 122S

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  • Turn Signal Switch - troubleshooting adventure - 1963 122S

    Found my 1963 122 earlier this year courtesy of both Hemmings and YouTube...trailered it home from GA to NC. It had sat so long that the fuel had turned into oatmeal and it wouldn't even make it on to the trailer. Gravity helped us load.

    After changing all the fluids, rebuilding the Weber, replacing all of the rear brake components and installing a Lockheed power servo, it's become my daily driver to allow my '57 PV444 to remain garaged. If you haven't installed a power brake servo, it truly transforms these 1-circuit front-disc Volvos into something powerful and confident.

    I was finding the turn signal switch mushy at best and last week the RH circuit had become intermittent, even though the LH circuit was fine. Therefore, leaving the flasher out of the troubleshooting, I decided the switch was ready for a look. The photo here is just from my "which wire goes where phase".

    These switches are globally on back-order, so luckily the switch did check out just fine; all I did was clean the old waxy film with contact cleaner, add a drop of 3-in-1 to each slider, then went on to investigate the wiring.

    Jumpers at the wire terminals (yellow is hot) gave the same intermittent behavior with the RH, so at the back I pulled the cluster and determined the bulb was fine. Giving the green wire to the socket a slight tug to make sure the base and spring were OK... the wire sheared off flat, leaving the modest amount of exposed wire that is crimped into the base terminal (1/8" or less) still inside that crimp. Whew. Years of changing bulbs maybe strained the joint - who knows.

    Aluminum 1/8" pop rivets make a perfect replacement for the tin metal bases, just punch out the "nail" to leave you with the rivet barrel. It soldered and crimped just fine and I'm now back in action.

    I don't regret pulling the wheel to access and remove the switch at all. Always better cleaning and verifying things as we own them and drive them.