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Volvo 142s 1968 bogs down around 4500 rpm's

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  • Volvo 142s 1968 bogs down around 4500 rpm's

    Since I bought this car its had an issue where it just bogs down around 4500 rpms regardless of what gear its in. Has anyone experienced a similar issue? So far I changed out the distributor cap, wires, plugs and changed the SU carbs for the Weber 32/36 but still the issue persists.

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    My 142 has been upgraded to electronic ignition, but my 70's BMW has points and what you describe is exactly what was happening with my bike. Turned out to be the points needed replacing. I'm not an expert on Volvo mechanics by the way, but I figure to a certain extent, motors are motors.


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      Hi Chris.142,

      It's a year since your original post, did you solve the problem?

      If not, Sacha has a good idea to check the points and I would replace the condenser as well. Take a look at the breaker plate & springs in the distributor, to be sure it can move and advance the timing as the RPMs increase. Once the points are set, check with a dwell meter, then adjust the timing as needed.

      - 144S68