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Stock 144S except for 32-36 DGV

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  • Stock 144S except for 32-36 DGV

    ... looking for assistance with Weber 32-36 DGV jetting.
    She's generally runnin' really rich. Examples of challenges I've had: when I get it correct at idle, cruise is rich and visa versa.
    'just can't quite get 'er correct in all regimes!
    'have many forms of IPD, Weber, and after-market literature and lots of jets, tubes, and gaskets.
    Am using stock B20b engine-driven fuel pump.

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    I had the opposite issue on my '70 (i.e., perfectly tuned at idle & no power at cruise) unless I ran with the choke half-way closed. It didn't matter how big of a jet I put in or how much I played with the timing. However, I also observed massive blow-by during low vacuum situations. Turns out all of the compression rings were broken in half and it still pulled around 20 inHg at idle.

    Here are a few questions I would have...
    1. How do you know it's running rich?
    2. Have you observed any other symptoms?
    3. Does changing the timing improve it at all?