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Replace 1800 Generator and Voltage Regulator with an Alternator

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  • Replace 1800 Generator and Voltage Regulator with an Alternator

    Has anyone Replaced a 1800 Generator and Voltage Regulator with an Alternator?
    How about using a GM one wire Alternator?

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    Not in a Volvo, but I fought one in a 72 spitfire for a couple of years. It quit, I fixed it myself, it quit again, I took it to a professional, he put in a new one, it quit, I went back, he fixed/replaced it no charge, it quit, he fixed no charge again, it quit again. Each time stranding me somewhere. It was like groundhog day.

    I built a bracket and put in a cheap GM alternator. It was half the size, cheap, and worked without incident for the next decade.



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      Check out Ron Kwas' website


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        Thanks! I should have got on this 30 yeas ago!

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      I replaced mine with a GM one wire alternator. I made a new bracket for it. I gutted the original voltage regulator and soldiered heavy wires internally so it works as a junction box. This retains the original look and original wiring. I looked into using the 1970's alternator used on the B20 engine, but it only had about half the amperage of the GM single wire unit, plus it needs a separate regulator that introduces another point of failure.