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  • P1800 Winter Storage

    I am the proud owner of a '67 Volvo P1800 S, all original engine and interior. I live in a historic house so unfortunately do not have a garage. What do people recommend to do over the winter months to protect the fuel and engine? I have heard different advice, such as putting Stabilo or Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment or Dry Gas in the fuel tank. Also, should I top off the antifreeze in the radiator? I live in NYS, so we have freezing temperatures, snow, etc, in the winter. Thank you

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    I dont know if your model has a tank drain, but as there may be some water in it from the ethinol it would be good t drain it dry and run it out of gas at the carb. half a year isn't really bad to sit for gas but since it may not have been driven much previously there could be an inch of water in the bottom of the tank rusting things. put a rag in the exhaust and mouse trap in the car. if its outside it seems tarps do more damage than good since it never dries under them and they rub when the wind blows. take the battery inside where it warm.


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      Thank you for your advice! I was told by my garage that Stabilo in the gas tank might prevent the gasoline from breaking apart. Would you put Stabilo in the gas tank? Also, why do you suggest putting a rag in the exhaust, against animals getting in?