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Control Arm Bushing Question?

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  • Control Arm Bushing Question?

    I bought replacement bushings from IPD for the suspension and steering on my 1968 1800S, but something isn't quite right. The lower control arm bushings have a metal sleeve around them, but the place where the bushings go already has this metal sleeve attached to the control arm (see photo). At first glance they don't seem removable. It seems to be the same case with the steering idler arm. Questions I have are:
    • Are the bushing sleeves actually removable from the control arm, I just have to apply more force?
    • Are these control arms from a different model Volvo? I discovered my engine originally came from a 142, so it's possible other parts are from a different model too.
    I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks.

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    Pretty sure you have to use a press to get those out and the new ones in.


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      I took mine to Baxter's Auto Parts on N. Whitaker Rd. They have a shop there and the guy pressed out the old ones, and installed the new ones. I want to say he charged me $20 for each control arm, but I can't remember the exact price, though it was cheap. I forgot his name, but he was a super nice guy!


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        Heck yeah Baxter's. Didn't think there were any that double as shops.
        Customer Service guy | [email protected] | 800-444-6473 ext. 181