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Trying to replace the interior rear view mirror

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  • Trying to replace the interior rear view mirror

    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to replace the interior rearview mirror on '72 P1800 but am not sure how to remove the mirror from the head liner. Can somebody walk me through the process of removing and installing a new mirror? I have include a picture of the mirror for reference. If more pictures are needed of the actual mirror in the car, please let me know.


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    This mirror seems to be identical to the mirrors in most 140/240 cars and probably did not change until 240 production ended in 1993.

    The mirror itself is designed as a breakaway in the event of an accident and is only held in place by the small round pilot in the mirror bracket being forced between two incredibly strong springs in the mounting plate. You can see the springs in your picture on the right hand side plate.

    To remove, I just grab the installed mirror by both ends with equal force and pull straight down until it pops out.

    Reversing the process, once the metal mounting plate is installed with the spring plate on top, hold the new mirror in approximately the position it will be after install and push straight upward with both hands to drive the pilot between the springs.

    Being lazy by nature, I just take a rubber hammer and give it a good whonk to seat it without pulling my back out of sorts.

    Hope this helps.
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