Volvos Through the Gorge - Volvo Car Cruise

It has been quite some time since we have been able to get together. During this unfortunate time everyone has been doing their best to navigate through unforeseen challenges. That’s why three prolific members of the Volvo community figured it would be best to partner up and host a car show before summer ends. IPD, Vol-Tech, and DLR Nordic got together and organized a car meet followed up by a drive through the majestic Columbia River Gorge ending up at Murphy’s Family Watering Hole in Bingen Washington. We hope you’ll join us for lunch. This is purely a gathering of enthusiasts looking to have some fun and chat about their Volvo. We look forward to seeing you September 25th!

SATURDAY 25th 8:30am


We will meet at IPD Volvo at 8:30am. If the main lot gets full we will start parking cars along Ainsworth Circle right outside of IPD’s driveway. For those who want to go for a drive through the Columbia River Gorge, we will leave IPD at 10AM. The caravan will hit I-205 North and then head out HWY 14 East to Bingen Washington (directly across from Hood River) For those of you joining us for lunch at Murphy’s Family Watering Hole you will receive a $5.00 off coupon.

Note***** IPD, DLR Nordic, and Vol-tech are not responsible for any incidents or accidents that may occur during this drive event. Everyone who attends will be driving and participating at their own risk.
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1986 Volvo 240 camshaft questions

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  • 1986 Volvo 240 camshaft questions

    I am looking into upgrading parts of my 1986 Volvo 240 and have my eyes on IPD's VX sport cam. This is my first car and my first 'build' so I am pretty unfamiliar with most things. I have IPD's high flow exhaust kit in the mail right now, but I want to do the camshaft after to get some extra HP. My only concern is if the car will pass the California smog test. The car just got smogged last week and it went perfectly fine, but my dad has concerns on whether or not the IPD VX street performance cam ( will pass. I read on another forum that the K cam was seen to be the one that had the best shot at passing in CA, although when I search for K cams, the VX cams pop up. Are these the same? As I said, I am pretty clueless so far, so these questions might be very silly. But this is how I will learn! Any answers/advice would be very helpful!

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    the K cam has a higher lift and more duration than the VX cam, I would think the VX cam would pass a emissions test easier than a K cam.

    Data compiled by Fredrik Persson
    B2xx 8v cams
    Cam Lift (in) Lift (out) Dur. (in) Dur. (out) LSA Manufacturer Notes:
    A 10.5 254 249 109 Standard B17, B19A, B21A, B23A, B19E (84), B23E (84), B200E, B230A/E/ET
    B 10.6 256 249 Standard B21F/E, B23ET
    D 11.2 253 Standard B19E, B21E
    Gr.A 10.24 252 SAM Group A engine
    Gr.A T5 11 267 SAM Group A engine, extreme
    GT6 12.5 312 107 KG-trimning Volvo racing
    H 12 11.5 272 268 Standard B23E (79-80)
    K 11.95 270 257 110 Standard B23E (81-83), B19 Sport, B230 Penta marine engine
    L 9.8 252 Standard B19A, B21A (84), B21F-MPG (80-82 US & Can.), B200K
    M (F) 9.5 10.5 242 234 Standard B21F (77-80 in US & Can.), B21F, B23F, B200F/G, B230F/FD
    T 9.94 225 218 109 Standard B19ET, B21ET/FT, B23ET/FT, B200FT, B230K/FT/FK/GT
    V 11.27 245.4 Standard B200E, B230E
    VX 11.37 10.65 245.4 236.2 111 Standard Sport, V-intake, X-exhaust
    VX3 11.37 10.65 245.4 236.2 111 Standard Sport, new style, VX advanced 3 degrees. B230EB/FB/G
    X 10.65 236 Standard B230K
    Y 10.35 232 Standard B200K
    KG001 11.4 290 110 KG-trimning Street cam, good torque, HP increase 10-15HP on B21E/F
    KG002 11.9 300 110 KG-trimning Much torque, a little more "bite" than KG001-cam, not for B21
    KG003 11 304 110 KG-trimning Street cam, HP increase 15%, one step up from KG002-cam, not for B21
    KG004 11.95 270 257 110 KG-trimning Substitute for Volvo K-profile
    KG2T 10.5 11.9 300 114 KG-trimning True turbo cam, awesome torque. A-intake, K-exhaust, Long duration
    KG7 12.2 304 105 KG-trimning Requires stage 2 head
    KG8 13.4 315 104 KG-trimning Best cam for rally and street
    KG9 12.7 324 104 KG-trimning 2.3L cirquit racing
    V16 12.2 268 109 ENEM Rev´s very high, B21/23/230
    V16 12.2 268 112 ENEM Stage 2/3 turbo, B21/23/230
    K13 12.5 280 106 ENEM Stage 3, B21/23/230
    K15 12.5 292 108 ENEM Stage 3/4, B21/23/230
    K20 13 300 104 ENEM Stage 4/5, B21/23/230
    K14 12.5 304 108 ENEM Stage 4/5, B21/23/230
    M1 11.6 296 107 ENEM Stage 3/4, B21/23/230
    C2 13.9 292 104 ENEM Stage 4/5, B21/23/230
    V15 11.9 256 109 ENEM Substitute cam, much torque, B21/23/230
    V15 11.9 256 112 ENEM Turbo, substitute cam, much torque, B21/23/230
    K25 14.5 308 104 ENEM Stage 5, 37mm lifters required, B21/23/230
    K25/K20 14.5 13 308 300 104 ENEM Stage 5, 37mm lifters required, B21/23/230
    K21 13.5 308 104 ENEM Stage 5, B21/23/230
    K22/K21 14 13.5 320 308 104 ENEM Stage 5/6, B21/23/230
    K24 14.5 316 104 ENEM Stage 5/6, 37mm lifters required, B21/23/230
    K24/K25 14.5 316 308 106 ENEM Stage 5/6, 37mm lifters required, B21/23/230
    K26/K25 14.5 324 316 106 ENEM Stage 6, 37mm lifters required, B21/23/230
    K27/K24 15.5 14.5 316 106 ENEM Stage 6, 38.5mm lifters required, B21/23/230
    SPM Turbo cam 12.5 292 117 Sten Parner Motor May require head-work and 37mm lifters
    IPD Turbo cam 11.95 256 112 IPD Same as ENEM V15-profile


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      This helps a lot, thank you. The VX cam looks like it will be better for me. Regarding the lift, do you think I will need new valve springs or do you think I will be fine? I obviously don't wanna damage any parts, but I see that most people are usually fine without new ones.

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    springs will be ok but I'd check for the proper clearance, you may need to replace some shims.


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      You will DEFINITELY be changing valve shims