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IPD Adjustable Cam Gear install questions

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  • IPD Adjustable Cam Gear install questions

    I installed the cam gear a few months back and i'm loving it. In the process of the install I noticed my rear timing cover was cracking and falling apart so I ordered a new one and plan to replace it soon.

    My questions are:
    - What marker do I use on the cam gear for lining up TDC with the mark on the rear timing cover? I believe when I installed the adjustable cam gear I used the +/- 0 mark on the cam gear, but there's no dimple or anything else that I should be using, correct?

    - Should I use an impact to remove, and then retighten, the bolt on the cam gear to keep it from spinning (instead of using a manual wrench)?

    Thank you.

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    Hey! I think using an impact for the cam gear bolt would be fine, but I've never actually installed one of these gears (planning to soon, though!) so there might be a step I'm not aware of. As for the TDC, yes it would be the 0 center mark that you would line up with the longer etching below on the shinier silver center part. Then you can advance or retard timing to your heart's content. Hopefully someone else with more hands on experience than I can chime in, but hit me up if you have follow up questions.
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