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    I recently bought a 93' 240 off Facebook Marketplace with a m46 swapped trans. Car is great, but I can't get into the trunk no matter what I try. The key somewhat fits into the lock mechanism, but shouldn't the trunk unlock when the rest of the doors all auto unlock? Once the car is unlocked and I go to release the trunk latch, it feels as if someone shut the trunk too hard and bent the latching portion of the mechanism. Does anyone have any tips on how to get the trunk open?

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    Isn't there a "Pass through" in the center of the rear seats?
    You might be able to see what the problem is or grease a small kid and slide them into the trunk.


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      Do you have the electronic release in the glovebox?


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        TheVolvoNut unfortunately as this is a base model car, there is no electronic release in the glovebox, but thanks for the suggestion. As for molarface, there is a pass through, but when I looked through the pass through there doesn't seem to be anything blocking/ snagging the trunk lid. If I hadn't made a new years resolution to cut out sweets, I would have had some free candy to entice the neighborhood kids to get into the trunk of my car and try opening it from inside haha.


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          Glad you made it to the 13 day mark with your New Years Resolution, I'm usually sunk by day 3.

          Never seen a bent latch myself and there aren't many ways to screw something up that I haven't done. So if I haven't done it, it isn't possible.

          What do you mean that your "key kinda fits"? Does it go in all the way? If in, does it not turn freely? Or even not turn all the way?
          Lock gum up over time if unused, so if your key is the right key and just not doing anything, what I would try is to clean it. Now, I never have the right cleaning fluid for anything, but a lock would have me using the little red straw and squirting a bunch of electronic cleaner (CRC QD Contact Cleaner, 8 bucks at Lowes) into the sucker, working the key back and forth between squirts. Then, I'd go after it, again with an inserted little red straw, with some PB Blaster. Again, work that key around.


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            It may be the "Service" or "Valet" key. It will open everything but the trunk and sort of goes in the trunk lock but not fully. You can have the correct key made up at a good lock/key shop, not a regular hardware store though. They can use that key but cut it to open all locks.

            A good way to test is to have someone unlock the driver's door while you push in the trunk latch and pull up. It will open that way and then you'll know for sure that nothing is broken, you just have the wrong key.


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              It seems to be a "service" or "valet" key like BlueDL suggested. Once I rebuild the transmission, I'll take it to a Volvo dealer and have them cut me a key.