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240 NA Exhaust Build

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  • 240 NA Exhaust Build

    Hey everyone! Just looking to get opinions and tips from you guys for putting together a custom exhaust. Running a 1987 245 NA, and the exhaust and cat are completely burned out. Looking at doing a stainless downpipe, high-flow cat with either a 2.5 or 3 inch catback single muffler system.
    Would love to know what you guys think, as well as other ideas. If you happen to have a b230 4-2-1 header, then I would be VERY interested in that. I do plan on tweaking the engine performance a bit, but probably won't turbo it as it is my daily. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi. Everyone builds their car different, so these are just my thoughts: If you want simplicity, get a IPD non-turbo sport exhaust that should bolt right up to a standard 240 cat pipe. It uses the exhaust piping from the turbo 240s (slightly larger diameter). Although I never measured any CFMs myself, I have read these engines already have decent breathing, so high flow cats and down pipes would be "next level" in my opinion. Have you done or will you be doing a camshaft and timing gear?


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      I have the IPD stainless sport exhaust on my 89 244, NA. And the Bosal cat. Stainless downpipe from manifold as well. It sounds great and definitely gives the car more pep, noticeable difference. I bolted everything up and then brought it to an exhaust shop to have it all welded, wasn't too much $ and it's much nicer than a bunch of clamps and silicone. Get an oxygen sensor wrench or socket if you do it, if you don't already have one.


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        Decided a few days ago to go the exact same route! Only difference is I will be using a magnaflow cat. Will be glad to finally let some pressure off the tired engine, and move on to other things. Thank you for your advice and tips!