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240 Power Steering issue

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  • 240 Power Steering issue

    Hello everyone, I'm a new member here and I thought you folks might be able to answer a question. My wife has an '87 244 GL that she's had for about twenty-five years. The car is in great shape and doesn't get too many miles on it anymore. What I'm wondering about is there is a lead weight on the power steering pressure hose. This is a two piece thing about three inches long and in two pieces to fit around the hose. It's fastened with a hose clamp. The hose has always weeped a little under the weight but not enough to call a leak. Last year I replaced the A/C compressor and while in there I replaced the power steering hoses, belts,etc. I didn't replace that lead weight because I couldn't see any reason for it being there. A few years before I replaced all the accessory mount bushings with neoprene bushings from IPD and I was amazed at how quiet the engine was after that. Since replacing the A/C compressor it is very noisy again and it sounds like the p/s pump making the noise. I've flushed the p/s several times over the years and it's never run dry but this noise seems to have started since this latest work. I'm wondering if that weight was used to reduce noise. I thought about replacing the pump even though I saw no reason to condemn it, but then I thought about that weight and thought maybe some of you may have seen something like this.

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    Hello. I don't have a weight on the power steering hose of my 1991 240. I do think I spotted what you are referring to on a parts diagram, on the internet. It could be a coincidence, and the pump has just come to the end of its service life. Sorry, I'm 2 months late to your post.
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