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Volvo 240 firewall coolant leak?

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  • Volvo 240 firewall coolant leak?

    Hi guys, this is my first post on the forum since I just bought myself an 89 Volvo 240. It all ran perfect for a week and then I had an oil leak/explosion. My issue is that it’s a 2.4L with a 15g turbo swap and parts(cooling, exhaust, & computer) from a 740, so it’s sometime hard to identify what’s original and what’s been swapped (since it’s my first Volvo). I had to replace the coolant line from the turbo to the extension tank to the radiator (740 part) since it was torn, but one I started refilling and burping the coolant a new leak appeared in the back. It seems to be from the upper coolant hose to the heater core at the firewall. Since I’m planning to replace it I might as well replace the bottom hose but it has some white valve and I’m not sure what it is and can’t find much info on it. The Volvo 240 bottom heater hose is just one hose not one with a valve.
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    Here is a picture of the valved lower hose, the hose circled in red is the upper hose which has the small tare 2 inches from its connection to the firewall port.


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      Are you sure that's a valve? From what I see it looks like a fitting to hook up a garden hose to flush the system?

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    So there should be any issues if I were to delete it I assume?


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      Originally posted by Alanpow View Post
      So there should be any issues if I were to delete it I assume?
      No heater hose replacement parts have anything remotely similar to that fitting and the owner claims it’s original?!? He said every 240 has it but I’m not sure about that.


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        I just replaced my firewall coolant hoses last year. I can tell you my '91 240 does not have your grey valve. Mine were just two hoses that snake between the engine and the firewall. I have heard of people that setup a diverter valve in the case that your heater core starts to leak you can isolate it from the engine. Maybe your previous owner was trying to set something like that up.