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Upshift light / Orange arrow

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  • Upshift light / Orange arrow

    I'm pretty sure every 240 has the orange-ish up arrow light on the right side of our warning light strip. Per my owner's manual, on manual transmission cars, that light is supposed to light up to suggest a optimal time to change gears. I've never been able to get this light to function this way after 30k miles and despite several tries at the "reprogramming" method. The light does come on when I turn the key, and it does come on when I either forget to plug the MAF back in after some maintenance or the MAF is acting up. My only thought was that my car is a LH 3.1 car, and maybe the upshift light function isn't in the ECU ROM since my MAF and TPS are different than LH 2.x cars?

    Any experience or opinions would be appreciated