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1988 244 DL non turbo stalls while idling

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  • 1988 244 DL non turbo stalls while idling

    Hello my daughters 1988 244 DL non turbo 4speed developed a problem. When car sits idling after a bit it stalls. Starts back up right away. It tends to happen more when AC is on. I have tried replacing coil, ICM, pre heater hose, preheater sensor thing,
    air filter, gas cap, spark plug wires, distributer. Fuel pump, fuel filter. Engine purs and rubs great otherwise. I am confused. I have worked on cars all my life. This has me stumped. When it stalls idling, it dies like key turned off. I mean quits dead. Its like someone turned power off. If you turn on AC when compressor kicks in it stalls while idling too.
    voltages are all good, all ORM parts, alternator is good. I bought another ICM to try, and fuel relay.
    what am i missing. Car drives fine on freeway and around town but will random stall while idling.

    any help would be great. She leaves for college in 6 days! I need to fix her volvo. I took it to a good local mecanic and he said he could not find what was causing it either. Its gota be something simple.
    would a bad ICM cause it to stall while idling?
    its getting fuel when it stalls. Its not flooded,

    any help

    kind regards

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    “OEM” volvo parts


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      Hello, can you confirm what you mean by ICM?

      If your car stalls and is completely stone dead without all the dashboard lights lit up, then the problem sounds like major electrical fault. However, you say the car will start almost right back up? I was thinking the ignition switch could be a problem? If the contacts are perhaps worn, the slightest heat build up or rattle could break the contacts. A jiggle from turning the key might bring the car back to life as you are resetting those contacts. If it was a fuel pump relay or ignition amplifier, I think you would still get dashboard lights when it stalls.

      Just a few thoughts.


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        All lights are on when dies. I took it to local mechanic. He replaced my fuel relay i gave him. Said it did not stall during idle with him.
        i will spray some contact cleaner in key slot in case ignition is dirty. Ignition Control Module ICM.

        my daughter said it stalls when idling when AC turned on? Never stalls when driving, just idling.
        Thanks so much. I will clean those contacts!


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          Ok, it sounds promising with a new fuel pump relay. Have you been driving the car, is it still stalling? If it is only stalling at idle and the AC turns on, maybe the idle air control, I don't know if your 1988 uses the same setup as my 1991. Obviously, I wouldn't want you to start buying IACs or ignition parts at random.

          Just FYI, for the ignition switch, I was referring to this part:
          Ignition Switch - 200/700/900
          Cross Reference 1324628, 80353002066, 9447805


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            What is the base idle rpm at when the Idle Air Control is grounded out? Being an LH 2.2 system, you should be idling at 750 rpms (+/- 20) with the Air Conditioning off.