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Right Front Axle Wobbles At Highway Speed--Only When Highway Curves Left

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  • Right Front Axle Wobbles At Highway Speed--Only When Highway Curves Left

    New to the website--I should have joined years ago. I am the original owner of an 86' 240 GL in mint condition. A new, first-time condition has developed: the Rt. Front Axle experiences severe wobbling/vibration, only at or over 70 MPH--and only when highway curves to the left. Discount tire determined that the 1-yr old Michelin is fine, nothing going on with the Wheel, Wheel Rim, Hub, etc. They rotated, but symptom persists. Alignment is good. My Volvo mechanic saw no issues withTie Rods, etc. Any suggestions for diagnosis of problem?

    Thank you!

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    Hm, that’s an odd one if it’s all been checked out. Sounds like a ball joint to me but I would assume if they checked the tie rods they checked those also. Could be a power steering issue? Or a control arm bushing? Whenever it’s a wobble or knock when slightly turning at speed it’s been a ball joint, at least for me.


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      that is dangerous. there s some slop allowing this to happen. to diagnose the slop in the control arm, ball joint or upper tower strut mounts you have to remove the strut or compress the spring enough to unload it to normal hight then kick everything, it will be the control arm bushings, I dont work on 240's but assume same as later Volvos. at high speed the contole arms get pushed back (even more when rubber worn) and that causes the toe in to become toe out which makes wiggle which can hit harmonic frequency to take you off the road.


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        I am not sure if you fixed this yet but I had a similar issue a while ago. It was the strut bearing bushing. Caused some slop only at higher speeds and turns.

        Curious to see what the issue was if you fixed it.