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740T in tank pump

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  • 740T in tank pump

    Is there an easy way to know if this pump is working?

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    If you crack the hatch under the rear decking, and expose the fuel tank bung.. you can hear/ feel it running when you put key in the on position( not start) .. it only primes for a few seconds.. so have someone else turn the key on while you monitor..
    hope this helps.. good luck!


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      If the car is down on power you could have a bad pump. There are two fuel pumps one in the tank and one under car about where the front seat is. Just look directly under and you'll see a bracket with fuel pump and filter.
      as stated, listen in the rear of car or remove gas cap and listen for a BZZZZZ lasts maybe a second.

      Just because it's "working" that doesn't necessarily mean it's doing what it's supposed to be doing. The tank pump is a pre-pump to supply the main pump and together they must put out not only the correct fuel pressure but the correct fuel volume for the engines needs.
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        Well? Howzit? Is the pump working?


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          Well this is perplexing. The pump runs on the bench, with fluid of course, but I am not detecting anything in the tank.
          The car is a 1991 T and all I read, view, talks about a Ground wire. I saw a picture of a harness with the ground wire for a 1990 740 but I cannot find that wire on my harness.
          There appears to be a ground wire in the harness that goes through the plug, did they change in 1991?
          I am going to check for continuity through the plug next.


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            Have you checked the fuel pump fuse?