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Turbo Regina??

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  • Turbo Regina??

    My friends, is it possible? I've got a 94 940 sedan I just picked up and it's a beautiful lil golden egg. I love it. Problem is it's regina (which isn't THAT bad) but I'm wondering what I'd have to do to turbo this thing.

    I don't want to swap the whole motor, I don't want to spend 1000 dollars on a standalone system like megasquirt. I do however want to ask the dangerous question...what if?What if we turbo'd a regina car??

    Do share your thoughts below!
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    I've heard it's been on another forum. Could you swap to lh2.4? I considered it with my lh3.1 240 when I was going to +t that. Kinda simple just swap a few sensors and add a wire or 2 I think.