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Maximum wheel size on stock height & wheels

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  • Maximum wheel size on stock height & wheels

    Edit: Post topic should be 'Maximum tire size..' not 'Maximum wheel size..'. Sorry. Admins feel free to delete this post and I'll repost with correct title.

    I need to switch tires from touring to all-terrain on my '91 940T wagon, but would like to avoid lifting it or change wheels to 16". Smallest all -terrain tire size I've found is 205/70R15, linked below. Anybody knows if these will fit on stock height and wheels (15")?

    Yokohama Geolandar

    Pirelli Scorpion
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    Someone on Matthew's Volvo site said:

    According to the facebook group "Lifted volvos", 205/70r15 do fit on a stock Volvo 940. Mine has 215 75 R15 and these will not fit under a stock strut