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Tutorials for installing IPD HD camshaft?

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  • Tutorials for installing IPD HD camshaft?

    Anyone know where I can come by a tutorial for installing IPD's HD camshaft in a '93 wagon?

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    Hello. I installed a IPD non-turbo cam and cam gear in my 240 a while back. I watched a bunch of youtube videos to get familiar with what was going on. Some vids are good and some are horrible, but I was just there to get a look into what was involved. After that, I followed the Haynes manual for their section on camshaft removal and inspection and installation. You're making sure to release the tension on the bearing caps evenly, keep everything organized, use assembly lube (I did anyway), and re-tighten in the same methodical manner. Also, perform a valve clearance check while you are in there. Plan ahead for some other items, such as valve cover gasket, new cam shaft seals, etc. You should be able to get the same procedures in your 940 Haynes or Bentley books. The job wasn't too tough.


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      Some folks just throw a new cam in without checking their valve clearances, but it's good procedure to go through the extra trouble to make sure your valves are shimmed correctly. If they're not, bad valve clearances can compromise the boost in performance you'd expect from a camshaft in the first place! This website has a good FAQ section which is focused on 700/900 series cars, but if you use it for engine mechanical tips it should apply just as well to a 240.
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