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  • Turbo flutter

    So I started driving the other day in the morning and When I let off I got a loud turbo flutter instead of the usual just swoosh of air when I let off after building boost. It sounds like a rally car or a big turbo Supra. I have the ipd charge pipe and turbo control valve installed from the previous owner. Is there a chance I knocked something loose when I was messing around in there the other day? Can the tcv go bad? Idk how many miles are on the tcv. The day before this happens the car sounded same as usual. Has anyone had this happen? I’d like to get it sounding normal again.

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    Also the car runs just fine and boost seems steady with no problem at all. No check engine light either.


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      If it boosts correctly
      isn't down on power
      non issue ?


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        So the line that runs from the compressor to manifold wasn’t connected, not letting the bypass open causing the flutter to happen. Fixed it