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Emissions - 2006 S60R

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  • Emissions - 2006 S60R

    Hi all,

    I'm a UK "R" owner and I was wondering if anyone could assist or give me some pointers.

    I recently brought a 2006 R with a KKK 24 borgwarner turbo which has had some mods (stage 2 remap , blocks been shimmed , Snabb intake pipe , and it's got blue injections ) as for the injectors I have no idea what blue means but I'm a little fathamed as it's had a stage 2 map but has no fmic , it's stock , also it has a stock Maf and the ODB2 reader indicates that it's maxed out. I'm also pretty sure the down pipe is stock but dont quote me on that.

    My issue is that in the UK we require a vehicle MOT and emmisons test. My car has failed the emmisons and the CO levels seem to be fluctuating at idle. I'm wondering would a boost leak cause these fluctuations ? I'm no engineer but I'm trying to learn through my own experiences.

    I've changed the oil , fuel filter , changed the spark plugs and coils and front oxygen sensor all upon purchase.

    I do have an Audi S4 / RS4 Maf and 5 pin plug ready to install at some point but I think once this is installed it will require a tune.

    Thanks and stay safe


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    If you have a vacuum leak on the intake side past the MAF, then you'd be losing metered air which would then cause your engine to run rich. I can see how that would contribute to a failed emissions test. I'm just speculating though, so I'd recommend poking around under the hood to see if there are any obvious issues like cracked vacuum lines or maybe a hose that has popped free, etc. There are various ways to get more thorough when checking for a vacuum leak like spraying soapy water all around to see if potential trouble spots make bubbles, or by doing a proper smoke test. On a 14 year old car it doesn't hurt to buy like 10 feet of 5mm ID silicone/rubber vacuum hose (we sell it by the foot, but you could source it anywhere online) and just cut it to length to replace all your original rubber lines.
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      Thank you for the advice. I'm going to get under the bonnet tomorrow and take a look , ill replace all the vacuum lines whilst I'm down there and report back once there changed with some photos too hopefully 👍 , have a great weekend.