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Over Voltage Stop Immediately Message and Limp Mode

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  • Over Voltage Stop Immediately Message and Limp Mode

    About a month ago I bought a 2004 V70R in San Antonio and drove it back to Portland. It's been driving well, the battery had been replaced before I bought it. I took it in to a local volvo shop (V Shop) and had it looked at, mostly just found suspension work that seems pretty routine but the passenger headlight recently went out and that was the only issue, should just be the bulb.

    Over the weekend I did a fair amount of driving in the snow, definitely a lot of revving the engine more than usual and after 3 days I got a message that says "Over Voltage Stop Immediately". The car eventually put itself in Limp mode after turning the AC on by itself while I the engines on. The engine will not stay on for more than 30secs without shutting off, the entire dash and speedometer, etc is not working either. I've done a bit of digging through forums and online in general and I'm going to start by checking the voltage on the battery, luckily it has a warranty so I'm going to replace it. I'm thinking that the voltage regulator might need replacing as well but I had this happen to my last V70R but with low voltage and a battery replacement worked, not sure if this is the same case though.

    If anyone has any suggestions or next steps I should take I'd truly appreciate it, I'd love to get her back on the road!

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    You really need a vida dice


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      Yeah I really do :/