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V70R Look W/O roof rack

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  • V70R Look W/O roof rack

    How do I remove the long roof rack rails? Does car look better without them? Would there be holes or anything to fill or to complete gutter after removing?

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    I have a V70r with the rack rails and cross bars, I was able to remove crossbars and that helped alittle. Not sure about the rails yet but in my opinion they look so much cleaner w/o


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      I got one without the bars. Good luck finding the trim - that will be your issue. The trim is cut when they put the rails on and is NLA anywhere. You can find any no-railed V to get trim from but will need all new clips and then paint. It looks so much better. Google "P2 V70R no rails" images and I'm the first picture to pop up LOL.
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