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Rear safety belt locked - solved!

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  • Rear safety belt locked - solved!

    Just a short&easy DIY fixing on our 855s.
    Sincerely no idea if this works even on 854s, never tried.
    When you need to pull down the rear seats, it's common to get the safety belts stucked once you try to lift the seats back up.
    One easy way is to log the safety belts on BEFORE pulling down the back parts of the seats, and then unlock them while lifting up.
    If you don't remember to lock the safety belts before pulling down the backs, the easiest way is to take off the side inserts of the back parts of the seats, that remain in their position at the sides of the seats, and remove the screw that keeps the safety belt at its lower point on the car.

    I know this should be well known and you can find it out on the web, my idea was to collect here on IPD forum all the DIY things in a single place.