Volvos Through the Gorge - Volvo Car Cruise

It has been quite some time since we have been able to get together. During this unfortunate time everyone has been doing their best to navigate through unforeseen challenges. That’s why three prolific members of the Volvo community figured it would be best to partner up and host a car show before summer ends. IPD, Vol-Tech, and DLR Nordic got together and organized a car meet followed up by a drive through the majestic Columbia River Gorge ending up at Murphy’s Family Watering Hole in Bingen Washington. We hope you’ll join us for lunch. This is purely a gathering of enthusiasts looking to have some fun and chat about their Volvo. We look forward to seeing you September 25th!

SATURDAY 25th 8:30am


We will meet at IPD Volvo at 8:30am. If the main lot gets full we will start parking cars along Ainsworth Circle right outside of IPD’s driveway. For those who want to go for a drive through the Columbia River Gorge, we will leave IPD at 10AM. The caravan will hit I-205 North and then head out HWY 14 East to Bingen Washington (directly across from Hood River) For those of you joining us for lunch at Murphy’s Family Watering Hole you will receive a $5.00 off coupon.

Note***** IPD, DLR Nordic, and Vol-tech are not responsible for any incidents or accidents that may occur during this drive event. Everyone who attends will be driving and participating at their own risk.
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850 GLT Engine Stalling

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  • 850 GLT Engine Stalling

    When I try to get on the throttle in first sometimes I get up to around 4k rmps and my engine cuts out for about half a second and then goes again. I don't know if it is something with the turbo because it seems after it stalls the turbo seems to kick in. I have the Ipd ram air intake and I'm not sure if that will affect it at all. I'm just wondering if it's something wrong with my engine or if my engine is just to cold. I'm planning on getting the Ipd tune and I'm also wondering if I should still get it with this problem or if it'll blow up my engine.

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    Sounds like something isn't plumbed correctly. TCV is suspect. FPR could be bad. Milage? Compression #s? Don't try to toss in extra power without knowing the basic state of the engine.


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      I agree with 05v70rgt, TCV could be plumbed incorrectly or even just be bad and needs replacing. Need more info on the car. Check engine light ?


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        Check engine light is on but my dad is pretty sure that the wiring for that is broken because it's been on for a long time even though we have no problems. We could be wrong about that something could be wrong though. The cars got about 200000 miles on it. It sat on jack stands for about 6 years while my dad did some repairs so me and my brothers could use it when we could drive but it has been running fine for about 3 years with only minor issues and fixes. I'm not sure what shape the TCV is in I talked to my teacher in my home and auto class and he said I can bring it in to look at it in about 2 weeks to check the compression numbers and to see if anything else looks bad under the hood. If you have any other questions about the shape it's in just let me know and I'll do my best to answer them. If you know what tests I could run or what to look for please let me know. I'm some what new to working on my car I don't really know what I should be looking for to fix it. Thanks for your help though I really appreciate it.


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          When’s the last time it had just a basic tune up? Plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter, and injectors cleaned. With it sitting for so long and being high miles, it would be smart to start there and if that helps or not. Then maybe pull the tcv and clean it throughly with some brake clean and dry it very well before reinstalling. Like v70rgt said don’t go tossing power at it without knowing the basic state of the motor.


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            Spark plugs are for sure good they were replaced not too long ago but I'll make sure to go through and get everything checked out and and cleaned. The car had only been on jacks for 2 years actually my dad told me the wrong number earlier but I do have a place where I can get under it and check everything out with help from some other people.


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              Good luck ! Let us know how it all goes. One of many great things about the 850 is almost everything that could go wrong is accessible from the top of the motor, not to many reasons to go crawling underneath. Just for good
              measure, just go to your local auto parts store. Napa o Riley’s autozone whatever and ask if they will see what is the cause of your check engine light. any good auto parts store will check it for free with an OBDll scanner .


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                I agree with everyone else.. TCV double check the 3 vacume hoses from the TCV are in good shape and connected correctly. There should be a routing diagram under the hood. Cheers