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1994 850 T5 Wagon Auto Trans Issue

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  • 1994 850 T5 Wagon Auto Trans Issue

    As the title states, I'm having issues with my transmission.
    I started my car and started driving, but my transmission was slipping. After checking the level, I added a quart of ATF and a bit of Lucas Stop slip, and it seems to be back to normal, but it does occasionally slip in 1st.
    I also have the up arrow flashing (which I am aware is a transmission fault).
    I'm curious about how to diagnose the light and possibly reset the computer (I tried to reset it by disconnecting the battery for a few hours, to no avail). Do I need to buy an OBD1 scanner or will the paperclip method work as well?

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    Have you tried disconnecting both terminals and touching them together for 30 seconds


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      Your built in obd-1 system should give you a code to point you in the right direction. A1 is for the transmission, as well as A5, which covers the transmission control unit.


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        Here is video for the codes - LINK


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          I believe only 95 had the built in code reader but I could be wrong. Its been known to happen.


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            1993 to 1995


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              You beat me to it tony! We have a 93 auto-tragic with our volvo stash.