Volvos Through the Gorge - Volvo Car Cruise

It has been quite some time since we have been able to get together. During this unfortunate time everyone has been doing their best to navigate through unforeseen challenges. That’s why three prolific members of the Volvo community figured it would be best to partner up and host a car show before summer ends. IPD, Vol-Tech, and DLR Nordic got together and organized a car meet followed up by a drive through the majestic Columbia River Gorge ending up at Murphy’s Family Watering Hole in Bingen Washington. We hope you’ll join us for lunch. This is purely a gathering of enthusiasts looking to have some fun and chat about their Volvo. We look forward to seeing you September 25th!

SATURDAY 25th 8:30am


We will meet at IPD Volvo at 8:30am. If the main lot gets full we will start parking cars along Ainsworth Circle right outside of IPD’s driveway. For those who want to go for a drive through the Columbia River Gorge, we will leave IPD at 10AM. The caravan will hit I-205 North and then head out HWY 14 East to Bingen Washington (directly across from Hood River) For those of you joining us for lunch at Murphy’s Family Watering Hole you will receive a $5.00 off coupon.

Note***** IPD, DLR Nordic, and Vol-tech are not responsible for any incidents or accidents that may occur during this drive event. Everyone who attends will be driving and participating at their own risk.
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1994 850 T5 Wagon Auto Trans Issue

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  • 1994 850 T5 Wagon Auto Trans Issue

    As the title states, I'm having issues with my transmission.
    I started my car and started driving, but my transmission was slipping. After checking the level, I added a quart of ATF and a bit of Lucas Stop slip, and it seems to be back to normal, but it does occasionally slip in 1st.
    I also have the up arrow flashing (which I am aware is a transmission fault).
    I'm curious about how to diagnose the light and possibly reset the computer (I tried to reset it by disconnecting the battery for a few hours, to no avail). Do I need to buy an OBD1 scanner or will the paperclip method work as well?

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    Have you tried disconnecting both terminals and touching them together for 30 seconds


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      Your built in obd-1 system should give you a code to point you in the right direction. A1 is for the transmission, as well as A5, which covers the transmission control unit.


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        I believe only 95 had the built in code reader but I could be wrong. Its been known to happen.


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          a flaw in the 850 is the limp mode for the transmission. It goes into 3rd gear which will burn the plates up if driven. Never drive with the blinking arrow. in almost every case its the pnp switch not knowing what gear its in, this is a cold weather problem when the grease get hard in the switch. You must clear the code. Its best to start the car in neutral if having this problem, let it warm up then shif to drive. at least you have skipped over park and reverse . the repair is hard. its under the battery and air box. the switch can be disassembled and cleaned and new dialectic silicone grease applied, then put it back exactly where it was as told by corrosion around the hold down bolt. if using a new one, use only Volvo.
          some line it up viewing the reverse lights in a mirror when the shift is in reverse.


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            Originally posted by TheVolvoNut View Post
            Your built in obd-1 system should give you a code to point you in the right direction. A1 is for the transmission, as well as A5, which covers the transmission control unit.
            The code is 313, which I'm going to look into once it warms up a bit. I'm told it's a pretty generic code, but I've had the battery disconnected for a few weeks now, so maybe it self healed (I've been pretty lucky like that) but I'm going to follow the other tips too, thanks guys!