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96 850 Turbo: My instrument cluster bulb-out indicator is lighting

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  • 96 850 Turbo: My instrument cluster bulb-out indicator is lighting

    Anybody know what this could be? The bulb-out indicator (orange, down on the left bottom side of the instrument cluster) lights every time I press the brake pedal, and goes out when I release the pedal. I've tried changing the brake light bulbs and cleaning the sockets -- all of the exterior lights come on and go off just as they should, but the indicator keeps telling me there's a problem.

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    Be sure you use the proper bulbs. Although bulbs look the same, they have different amounts of resistance and that's what sets it off.


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      Your suggestion sounds reasonable, but looking at IPD and *** for brake light bulbs, it looks like they sell the 1156 bulb, which is the same bulb I bought at Autozone. To test it out, I went to my local Volvo dealership and bought a couple of bulbs. Rather, I ordered them since they don't keep much stuff for 850s in stock. I asked if they were just 1156 bulbs, and the service guy said 'Ours are VOLVO bulbs'. That is, I don't really know what I am getting, but I'm going to be pretty disappointed if they are just 1156 bulbs since the dealer charged me $13 apiece for them. Hard to believe.

      If they aren't 1156 bulbs, I'll measure the resistance and compare it to the 1156 bulbs I got earlier.


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        Mine does that often and all bulbs and lights work fine... she antique it happends


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          The bulb sensor is probably failing.