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    Can you tell me what the trans saver option is on your tune? I’ve never heard of that before


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      Swedespeed96 Very late response, my bad! It is a quicker, harsher shift but the trans likes it... not sure how that works, butt a tuner should be able to explain!


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        Another Update:

        The car is daily driven, and most issues have been sorted! As of right now, the car is currently down while I rewire the entire engine bay for ECU relocation, battery relocation, and wire tuck. I have adjustable Godspeed sway bar links, and new outer tie rods that I will be flipping (side to side) and mounting upside down to correct for the lowness. The subframe sits about 1.5" off the ground now (check the insta) and I manage not to scrape on anything but huge speedbumps. I am running -5* camber in the rear thanks to and I plan on acquiring some 326power springs to stiffen up the front, and make mounts for a coilover spring in the rear.

        Just finished DIY reverse intercooler piping (thanks 2003 V70), and plan to get a Mishimoto intercooler ASAP.

        The bad: I only see about 5 psi when the tune is supposed to net me 12-15. I'm currently in correspondence with my tuner sorting this out, but my guess is major boost leak in the form of a rubber boot or crack in IC. It has rained like 12 out of the last 15 days and it's been cold, so progress is slow!

        Also threw in an S80 rear armrest (w/ the compartment and cup holders) and its a direct fit!

        Still have a package of tune up stuff from IPD on the way, and my MSD ignition will be ready to go.

        I think that's it for now...



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          Pretty wild build! Very cool though. Post some pics I’m sure we all would love to see the progress