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1995 ecu .

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  • 1995 ecu .

    I was gifted this ECU by a neighbour.
    I was told this was purchased from idp a few years back
    ​​​​is there anyway to verify that it's an idp tuned ecu and get a little more info on it?


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    There is no way to 100% verify. The sticker appears to be a standard stage 1 upgrade for 1994/95 turbo models. Since the sticker and cover could be swapped from another module this is not guaranteed. There really haven't been changes in the mapping we sell for these cars in a very long time. The information that we post for that application should still be pretty applicable.

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      I'm running one of these and its very nice, but leaves you wanting more. Mine has no identifying label from ipd and is perhaps 20 years old. my only problem is it sets off the cel for EGR since I have a 96 which doesn't have one and its looking for it. plug it in and try it out, it won't hurt anything. use premium gas. but the regular out of the tank before you get on it.