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  • 1995 T5R For Sale

    For Sale 1995 Volvo 850 T5R. 2nd owner. My son purchased this car in 2008. At the time it was smoking real bad. Volvo told original owner that the valve seals were bad. Well we all know that when an 850 turbo or any turbo for that matter smokes, usually a bad turbo. Replaced turbo car ran great until we seized it up club racing a Firebird raceway. A couple of motors later, It's up for sale.

    Now on it's 3rd motor the car has sat mostly for the past 3 years. I drive it once in a while but just around town or if I need to run to the other side of town for something. Car runs great, shifts fine starts all the time.

    But,,, no power steering, I stopped putting fluid in it because it leaked so bad, and because the rack is bad the car had a death wobble over 70 mph. Not using the power steering fixed that, and made it a little quicker. It leaks oil out of the oil coolant lines at radiator. Coolant Fan doesn't turn on when AC is engaged so no cold air. I'm going to hard wire the fan to run all the time which will fix that. Also have a new radiator for the car just haven't put in yet. Car runs warm (203 degrees) for some reason, I have 178 thermostat in the car. My other 850 turbo seldom get over 190 with same thermostat. Car needs paint. I recently fixed the cracking dash, and when I reinstalled the dash cover I have an airbag light. I have fiddled with it but the light is still on. The car has a voltage leak, meaning the battery will go dead if it sits for too long. Also a weird deal with the alarm. My son unlocked the car from the trunk, and now every time the alarm is set it'll go off within an hour for no reason. Probably whats causing the battery drain. Driver seat has a rip, dash airbag cover is coming up. There are probably a bunch of little things I forgot, but the car is solid. Drove it to work and back today, drove great. Picture of motor shows I'm not using intercooler. I know am I crazy or what. Lucky at ARD told me the stock intercoolers are so restrictive that he wouldn't waste his money on a reverse intercooler pipe kit. So I bypassed it all together.

    Almost everything works, sunroof, windows, radio, cruise control. I have all the manual and original window sticker. I have plenty of spare parts that can go with the car.

    And now what everyone wants to know, is it fast? For being a stock 850 T5R, in it's heyday it ran 14.40 in the 1/4 mile at just under 100 mph. Today I would say real close to that.

    the odometer is broken like most 850s, but I checked the computer the other day and it read 199758 miles.

    Asking $4400

    the car is in Phoenix. Brian 480-248-0176