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  • Fuel pump Upgrade

    I have a question on going from the factory fuel pump to a walbaro 255 in my 96 wagon. On the factory wiring inside the canister theres the ground wire that goes from the plug to a metal clip on the inside of fuel pump canister. im soldiering in the walbaro but do i just tap that ground into the walbaro harness or do i just take it out completely. Also please don't tell me to just get rid of the car and what not. Just trying to get my wagon back on the road. Thanks in advance I will try getting a picture up later today if that helps.

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    Hey dude! A photo or two would be great if you can. I wouldn't think to tell you to get rid of that 960 by the way, I love those cars and it would be a shame to give up on it over something simple like a fuel pump. I'm not sure if you're supposed to utilize that ground, but perhaps? Hopefully someone with more hands-on experience can chime in.
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