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    I'm starting to make my parts list for the future when I'll be able to fully able to tear down and rebuild my engine with forged internals. Viva performance has sleeves, rods, pistons, and bearings that I am looking at. For the camshaft I found a company called KM Cams based in Norway that make stage 1, 2, and 3 cams. Stage 2 is 280 degree duration and a 11mm lift. The stage 3 is 290 degree duration with a 12mm lift. I'm thinking go big or go home since who doesn't like a big cam. The only internal part I'm having trouble finding is a crankshaft. I also have the 1000cc injectors from vast on the list who also tunes my car. I currently have a dw200 fuel pump installed but I'm assuming I'll need the dw300 if I want to push that much power. I currently have a k24 turbo off a s60r but don't know if I will need a bigger one. This project won't happen for about 2 years but I want to do as much research and get as much help as possible before it happens.

    Another thing I'm wondering about is coilovers. I've seen BC has them and so does KT4 but I'm wondering what the best ones is.

    I've also looked at Snabbs short throw shifter. I'm looking at getting one but wants to see if they're really worth it.

    If you have any suggestions for parts or anything else please let me know, all help is appreciated.

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    The stock crankshaft I assume should be able to handle the abuse. Maybe just have it polished and balanced, as far as coilovers go I think KW has full adjustable ones as does BC but I have heard KW is alittle higher quality. What a cool build! Will you be using a 2.3 or 2.5 with a shimmed and reinforced block ?