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    My 2009 C30 t5 R electric driver seat used to stop working intermittently before it quit altogether. Mechanics suspect it may have to do water that leaked from the roof into the floor and broke some contact underneath. I replaced the seat control control box that houses the switches with no result. I held off fixing it for about a year because it was stuck in a comfortable position for me, but now i intend to let others use the car. Having spent already 300+ dollars for the new control box/inspection with nothing fixed, Im wondering if I should get a new seat or trust my volvo dealer to fix it and pay their high prices.

    PS I also inspected and cleaned the electric control unit under the glovebox. Nothing looked corroded or broken and every other electric accessory works perfectly.

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    I don't own a C30, but I know that on my V50 with electric and heated seats the wiring underneath is a mess, and I'm guessing the C30 is pretty similar. Maybe check the grounds, all the connections under the seat, make sure nothing is shorting, and check the fuse. I've never had issues with the electronic seats when water got into the foot wells, but I suppose it could happen.