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2105 Volvo T5 - 2.0L E-drive - having trouble setting the timing

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  • 2105 Volvo T5 - 2.0L E-drive - having trouble setting the timing

    I need to remove the head and perform a complete valve replacement. I cannot locate any timing marks on the block except the crank gear has a timing mark for it, however the intake cam has a mark on the gear as well as the exhaust cam gear has a mark but there are no marks on the timing cover to set the timing that I can see. I'm told by local Volvo dealer there is no TDC pin for use with this engine, I checked and I cannot find one as well. attaching photos, can someone help me out here, I cannot locate any data on setting the timing.

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    There is a special tool (counter-hold 999-7497) used to lock cam position. This is all done to maintain the factory installed relative position. If you remove and reinstall with all the relative position maintained you should be good. If you lose relative position you will need the full top end tool set to reestablish proper timing.

    There are aftermarket versions of this tool set which makes it sting a little less, but they still aren't cheap. I don't see any marks that will help you do it without the tool set.


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      Thanks Ken - Could the timing marks be inside of the cam covers on the end?