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Replacing Catalytic on 2011 S60

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  • Replacing Catalytic on 2011 S60

    Does anyone have a video on replacing the catalytic on a 2011 S60? what is the average cost to do this job.

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    It's an assembly for about 1500.00 bucks. If you can turn a wrench, you can do it.

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      Thank you, I think, it's a little difficult doing it on the floor. I don't have a place to do it. I used to do mechanical work. I would remove the old exhaust with a torch. I could remove and install a cat back in less than 1 hr. But, what I'm curious is. The "books" state it takes 3 to 4hrs. or that's what a shop and dealer could would charge. I'm trying to understand why?


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        A decent tech can do, or should do it, in half of book time. Lower shields n stuff must come off etc. Dealer hourly rate here is $200-$250.00 so if it were here in the SF Bay area, I'd be under there doing it myself cuz that $1500.00 part would be nearly $2500.00 installed. REDONKULOUS!!!


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          I agree. My INDY is a great person. he will only charge, the time he spent. The book is only a guide for him. I'm grateful for him. I think his rates are approx 100.00 or just under.


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            I am in the process of doing this also.. are you going oem or some aftermarket like from ipd store? I am also thinking of doing it my self.. but it does look like this isnt a ideal repair to do from the floor also..
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