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SS High Flow Downpipe - T6 models IPD Part Number- 139383

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  • SS High Flow Downpipe - T6 models IPD Part Number- 139383

    Is anyone having trouble with this downpipe? I needed Cat on my 2013 S60 AWD R-Design so I went this route and replaced my O2 sensors at the same time. I made it 4,500 miles before my check engine light came back on with the P0420 code which could mean a bad cat or a Bank 1 O2 sensor or maybe something else. It has sense cycled back off and now back on again. I don't think it's a bad wire on the sensor but who knows. I also saw that IPD sells a couple of different versions of Oxygen Sensor spacers for high flow cats/downpipes. Would putting one of those potentially help if it is showing to be the sensor? Not sure what my issue is, but I wouldn't think the sensors are bad since they are new. They are Denso sensors but everything I've seen that Denso makes the electronics on these Volvo cars. I might end up having to go to a Volvo indy shop and have them hook it up to a Volvo computer. Is there any other way to tell looking at different diagnotics coming from a code reader? I've got a code reader that can graph various engine diagnostics. Also, I always do all the maintenance and even do all the recommended oil and gas treatments when they pop up to keep all the crap out of the engine, so I don't think my engine is killing the CAT. Any ideas anyone? Thanks

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    The code your referring to, is it in bank 1 position 1 bank 2 position 2, let me know. If the code is for bank 2 its most likely you have an exhaust leak. You can use the angled O2 sensor extension, clear the code and check on it. See if the same code pulls up. Let me know what you find out.