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  • Strut replacement

    Before I grab a BF lever and screw this up, anyone know if there is enough downward play in assembled knuckle to remove strut without having to remove ball joint and/or axle?


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    In the very off chance anyone is following along at home — You CAN remove the strut w/o removing the lower A arm ball joint, but it is a two person job. FYI- a normal ball joint tool, like what you can loan at autozone, does NOT work-fork is too narrow.
    • Remove the sway bar end
    • remove the steering tie rod ball from hub, which does not require any special tools other than a mallet.
    • Remove the bolt holding the axle stub in the hub - you need the extra play in the axle.
    • remove two inboard screws on top of strut tower and leave third in place, loosened a bit.
    • Then use a lever and a friend to push the lower arm down enough that you can BARELY pop the strut free from the hub. It’s a two person job mostly b/c the hub wants to flop all over and you have to be careful of the ABS sensor and brake lines.
    • STRUT BEARING ALIGNMENT — bearing bottom has an alignment tab that stick out laterally. Bearing top has two alignment ridges cast into body. Turn bearing until tab is b/w the ridges. The top surface of the bearing also has a small alignment socket. Mount the bearing to the plate such that the socket aligns with the alignment plate hole that is towards the front of the car on the driver’s side and back of the car on the pax side (with the flat side of the plate always towards the inside of the car). See attached pics. Dowel is in the alignment socket. In short, the tab and the alignment slots of the two strut bearings should point towards each other when mounted in the car and the bottom of bearing should be basically co-planar with the mounting plate.
    • Click image for larger version  Name:	image_2065.jpg Views:	9 Size:	2.30 MB ID:	5830 Click image for larger version  Name:	image_2066.jpg Views:	9 Size:	2.28 MB ID:	5831
    • Installation is the painful reverse of removal. The fact that you just saved $3k for both sides makes it a bit less painful.

    Good luck, mike
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      Mikem, nice job on the post. I know everyone will greatly appreciate your time and effort in sharing this info. Thanks again.