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IPD - 140796 ECU Power Tune / P3 S60

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  • IPD - 140796 ECU Power Tune / P3 S60

    I'm looking for user feed back on the IPD 140796 Power Tune for the P3 S60 T6 platform. Here's my plans, questions and thoughts.
    I'm going to purchase it. The EPA standard and MPG will not be effected which is fantastic! I want to replace my turbo inlet and charge plumbing for reliability. I may even upgrade my intercooler. Everything will be Do88 products. I may be installing IPD - 125552 SS Turbo Back Sport Exhaust Kit

    question 1; will my MPG be effected by installing better flowing plumbing?
    question 2; will my IPD power tune be able to adjust for these changes and will my MPG be effected.
    question 3; if I install the IPD exhaust system, will the IPD power tune be able to adjust for these changes and will my MPG be effected.
    Below are the links to the parts that I have chosen.

    I'll have a signature soon. for now here's my car. 2012 S60 R design
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    Hello- Sorry nobody else has chimed in on all of this. At IPD our staff members are always here to answer questions, but yes it would be great to get some feedback from other users who have the application on their car now. You will probably get more feedback in our Facebook groups etc. The P3 power tune upgrades are relatively new for sale, but we have been tuning these cars since they were first launched.

    Q1- MPG will not be effected by installing any additional upgrades. Exhaust, inlets etc. It all depends on the foot! You may see a decrease in mileage because you will want to feel the change in the torque curve due to some performance parts. Example... if you buy an intercooler, you're not necessarily getting more power. You're getting more efficient power under more conditions. The goal is to keep the intake temps to a minimum so the car can maximize it's tuning ability.
    Q2- IPD tunes will work with any addition to your car.. Exhaust, intakes, intercoolers etc. The tune has the ability to adapt and compensate for these upgrades with no problem. The MPG will be effected because you mainly will be driving it harder feeling the upgrades in power etc. If you have the discipline to stay out of the throttle, you may see an increase in MPG with our tune.
    Q3-Yes the IPD tune will accommodate any exhaust or DP you put on the vehicle without additional tuning. IPD's tunes have the depth and ability to compensate for these items. There are no additional tuning needed when adding these types of performance parts. That's the joy of being in the game so long and having the right knowledge and ability to tune these cars properly compared to others in this space.

    If you have additional questions, feel free to hit us up anytime. Sorry for the late reply.


    Chris Delano
    IPD Vice President
    [email protected]

    V70R Flash Green Test Mule / 2012 XC70 T6 Aventyr Project / 2010 XC60 T6 Aventyr Project / 2002 XC70 Soccer Car.