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S60 T6 conversion to a XC90 or S80 4.4 V8

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  • S60 T6 conversion to a XC90 or S80 4.4 V8

    Has anyone considered this conversion? I like the idea of an S60 with the 4.4 V8 as a track car. I am sure there are some nice mods for these engines that would bring it close to the 400hp range and removing a lot of weight would make this a very sweet setup!

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    I love your thinkin' but from what I understand that's uncharted territory. Certainly do-able, but there would be hurdles and modifications and lots of modules in the network that would need to be reckoned with. If you've got the time, money and determination (or find someone crazy enough who does!) I think it could be done. We need more 4.4 V8 swaps in the Volvo community!
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      Even adding a B8444S to a 240 instead of opting for an LS type scenerio would be awesome to be able to keep it as much Volvo as possible. I'd like to explore what it would really take set up a 4.4 inline with like a Tremec 3550 6 speed manual.