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2016 Polestar Maintenance Issues

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  • 2016 Polestar Maintenance Issues

    So I just recently acquired a 2016 polestar and it's been great but there are two issues I noticed cropping up and wondering if anyone else has ideas on this.
    Item 1 is that I'm constantly getting a low battery warning....due to Covid, I haven't been driving everyday and I'm just wondering if the system electronics are drawing that much on the battery or do I need a new battery or am I looking at an alternator situation?
    Item 2 is when I cold start the car there is a heck of a rattling coming from the exhaust that only lasts about 3-5 seconds and I'm told it's the exhaust valves but it still doesn't seem right...once that initial startup is done, it's perfectly fine after that.

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    Hey! 16 Polestar here too (yayyy I-6!), if the battery is factory original, I would suggest getting an inexpensive battery tester ($30-40), and checking the battery. My factory battery started having issues around 2yrs in especially in cold weather, and was replaced under warranty. So I wouldn’t be surprised if the battery was bad. I wouldn’t think the alternator went out, but if the battery passes probably check the connections and work that direction. Also a Battery Tender works great for cars sitting during these times.

    The rattling could be in the exhaust, but does your P have a trailer hitch? After I put mine on, the exhaust heat shield was the culprit. Only lasts for a few seconds at startup, but makes a terrible racket. Some tin snips will clear that up.
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      I will agree with Bigfoothunter about the battery. I bought a 2015 at a dealer with under 20K on it. The dealer said they replaced the battery and it died this winter after having it for about 2.5 years. It was a Volvo battery so go figure.


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        I got my 2016 V60 Polestar two months ago with under 28K miles on it. Although I do drive it every other day, I noticed the same issues indicated by kfitton. Did changing the battery help at all?