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  • Door Open warning

    What an annoying thing to happen! The 'Drivers Door Open' signal came on and I was unable to lock the car, and the battery was draining with the interior lights on.

    My first reaction was to slam the door closed, thinking it was the sensor...but the warning remained on.

    My next thought was the door lock, and I expected to have to take the door apart to replace the actuator/sensor...then I found an article where the same thing happened and it was a broken wire between the door and body. So when I wiggled the black plastic connector box by the lower hinge, the warning went out for a short time.

    I hope this post saves someone a lot of time. It is a fiddly job to solder to wires back together given the access between the door and body. It WILL happen to other owners as it is a clear fault in design, and my 2008 car does not have a lot of miles on it