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PCV diaphram ripped- XC60 T6 2.0L turbo

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  • PCV diaphram ripped- XC60 T6 2.0L turbo

    My 2015 XC60 T6 with a 2.0L Turbo has the whistling noise and suction on the oil filler cap that seems to be well documented. I can find the part number for the entire oil trap (IPD item number 140324). What I have not been able to find is a replacement for the diaphragm only. It's easy to remove on this engine and I have done so and seen the ripped diaphragm but can someone let me know if there is a suitable replacement without replacing the entire unit? Thanks in advance. I'd love to know so I can stop looking!

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    My research ended up with dead ends with no searches or discussions with technicians being able to identify a diaphragm that is sold on its own for this vehicle. I ended up buying the entire oil trap. Fortunately is was easy to swap out.