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High Mileage P3 Xc70 T6

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  • High Mileage P3 Xc70 T6

    Very Happy to join the forum. This is my 200k miles and climbing 2010 XC70T6

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    The paint looks really good on your XC70. Mine has worn through on the edges of the hood and needs touch-up.


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      Good Morning JakeZiek, Any specific products and equipment that you use to preserve the exterior looks(i.e ceramic waxes, specific wash formulas, black bumper coating). I have a 2012 XC70 T6 (Polestar Optimization) w/ 93K which I also want to keep for a long time. I bought the car used and was advised that the water pump is original. Curious if you replaced the timing chain, water pump, and drained/refilled auto tranny fluid. Any recommendations to keep it in excellent running condition?



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        Car looks amazing!!!!! I just bought a 2012 XC70 T6. Same exact exterior with black interior. Fun car for sure. We're looking to do some R&D for these models. I'm getting ready to fit a rooftop cargo tent on the top. We will be producing some spacers for a minimal lift, just enough to enhance the tread on the tires. I love to see that these cars are going the distance. Thank you for joining and posting!
        Chris Delano
        IPD Vice President
        [email protected]

        V70R Flash Green Test Mule / 2012 XC70 T6 Aventyr Project / 2010 XC60 T6 Aventyr Project / 2002 XC70 Soccer Car.


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          The main problems I have had is the vacuum pump and the collision avoidance or adaptive cruise system. The Borg Warner turbo oil lines are a pain as well but easily replaced. Buy a good Autel 802 or other scanner with the parking brake function, they are in valuable. I use mine for long distance highway driving but also down muddy paths at the farm and some gravel roads. Extremely stable at high speeds and comfortable to drive. Keep the synthetic oil changed regularly. This is my fourth XC70, they are quirky cars. One good thing is that NOBODY steals Volvos I don’t care what people say. Lol.