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  • Repair/Maintenance guides?

    Long time owner of 240 wagons, made the switch to a 2014 XC70 last summer. I'm used to consulting the combination of the Bentley and Haynes manuals when issues arose, if only to eliminate the low-hanging fruit that I could tackle in the driveway before taking it to a mechanic. I've never had a car with electronics more sophisticated than the 240, so the newer, more complicated systems of the XC70 leave me unsure where to even start. Are there similar books or resources, or are newer cars effectively walled-off from shade-tree puttering in the driveway? I see references to VIDA, which seems like an ODB-II interface, which maybe isn't exactly what I'm after (but maybe that's the nature of the post-ODBII world?).

    Any suggestions for resources? Things are starting to pop up with the XC70, like the key fobs dropping in functional range to about 2 feet, even after putting in new batteries, or the tailgate's lift height being inconsistent and sometimes droopy, and I want to stay on top of maintenance as it gets closer to 100,000 miles

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    There really is no way to get around it. You need a vida dice for service on any modern volvo. Without one, it's just random parts replacement which is a huge waste of time and dollars.