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Turbo issue?Drops out when accelerating too quick, won't come back until restart car!

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  • Turbo issue?Drops out when accelerating too quick, won't come back until restart car!

    I have a 2004 volvo s40 t5. I have have been having a problem with my turbo and acceleration. When starting the car, it runs beautifully, and I can hear the turbo where it should be. That said, I have to be super delicate with acceleration. If I have to speed up quickly, the turbo whistles, and then drops out. After this, I won't hear it at all, and the car runs weird. It takes awhile to accelerate, no turbo sound and sometimes shifts badly.
    oddly enough, all I have to do to get it going again is turn the engine off, then start it back up. It then responds nicely, until I accelerate to quickly.
    what could this be, and how can I fix it?
    I took it into my volvo mechanic and he thought he fixed it. Said there was a vacuum leak, messing up the turbo, he fixed a tube that he said was blown off, (didn't charge me which was nice) and said it was good. Unfortunately, the problem persisted.
    let me know what you think it is, and if it's something I can fix on my own. I've done plenty of repairs, but I have limited tools, and an apartment parking lot as my workshop lol.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi! That's a good question. I'm guessing the issue is your car is going into limp mode for some reason when you accelerate too hard. Something about the hard acceleration is freaking the computer out which triggers it to limit your boost in the attempt to save the car from damaging itself. There may still be a vacuum leak somewhere in the system that the car can normally ignore...until you go full throttle.

    I think your next step would be getting the car scanned, ideally, by a shop with VIDA/DICE or anybody in your local Volvo community that has a personal VIDA/DICE set up. Any OBD-II scanner can check the car for codes, but you'll definitely get the most clear picture with VIDA. I hope this helps to point you in the right direction.
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      Are you hearing the "whistling" noise when you rev up the engine at neutral?