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Heater Hoses - OE vs Aftermarket

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  • Heater Hoses - OE vs Aftermarket

    P80 peeps - Heater hoses are leaking coolant in my 98 S70 T5M. What's the consensus on Blue Box (OE) vs. aftermarket? Aftermarket are 1/6 the price (~$20 vs. $120), but I don't want to have to do this job again next year... Any experience with the aftermarket hoses good or bad?

    Many thanks!

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    Great question! It really comes down to what your budget is. We've had great luck with aftermarket hoses. OEM work great but can be a bit on the pricey side. If the budget suits you the IPD silicone heater hose kit (#125344) is a great upgrade. IPD will always support any direction you choose to go.
    Chris Delano
    IPD Vice President
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      Aftermarket hoses are ok. You should get a few years from them. Oem hoses would be the better of the two but cost can be high especially if it's a turbo.
      I've had great luck with IPD a/m hoses that customers have provided. I usually won't install parts the owner has provided but I routinely will for fellow volvo owners if I see an IPD receipt. That's not a suck up either, gods honest truth.