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  • Pile of Repairs needed

    Hi Forum Friends...I had my 1998 V70 GLT looked at today by a Volvo repair garage in Berkeley, CA, and they gave me a pile of needed repairs, including Timing Belt, Rear Rotors and Pads, Engine Vent Overhaul and Cleaning, Heater Core, totaling 5000.00! I like the car, it has served our family for years, and it is still comfortable and though the engine has some problems, it still feels powerful with life! Does it make sense to spend the money? At best, I can repair the Heater Core, the other stuff is too above my pay grade. I am thinking, I am leaning towards prioritizing and do it all little by little. There is something about these cars, where you can't just let em go! With these repairs needed, I can't sell the car...Anyone got any thoughts? Sympathy? I appreciate any ideas...thanks. Robert

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    If you can do a heater core you can do at the very least the rear rotors and pads. It’s so easy it’s almost fun to do!


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      Engine vent I assume is the PCV system ?


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        Those are great cars. I'd keep it and maintain the car yourself. Give us a call and our CS Team can assist you with the timing belt & water pump kit, brake rotor and pad kits along with the PCV kit as well. If you need assistance with the heater core, we have a video tutorial on the heater core replacement. Looking forward to your call. Thanks and have a great day.


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          The 5000.00 quote was his way of telling you he didn't want the job. Each of those jobs, by themselves, are pretty easy to do if you have the.correct tools and some patience.
          timing belt job, if you break it down into several smaller jobs, is also pretty easy. If you can successfully use a socket wrench, you can successfully complete any of those. 98 v70 isn't worth 5000.00 and another reason you seeore and more of them in the bone yard. For that kind of money, you could get yourself a 04, 05, or 06 V70R Automatic and have 300hp